Attorneys and Consultants

Richard D. McLellan

Owner and Chairman

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John F. Kelley, Ph.D., J.D

Vice Chair, Africa Energy Counselors, PLLC

John F. Kelly, Ph.D. has joined Africa Energy Counselors, PLLC. ArmyReserve Ambassador John F. Kelly is a Visiting Professor of Security Studies at the National Defense University, Fulbright Scholar, holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (international relations and diplomatic history) Juris Doctor, & diploma in military law. He is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court bar and all lesser courts. Mr. Kelly was elected to the Michigan State Senate serving four consecutive four-year terms. He is regarded as an expert in constitutional law and legislative procedure, counter-terrorism, and African security and development. He served as a Governor in the Michigan university system and culturally served as Vice Chair of the Michigan Film Advisory Board.

Tess Serranti

Managing Director, Africa Energy Counselors, PLLC (Not a member of the bar.)