Attorneys and Consultants

Richard D. McLellan

Owner and Chairman

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John F. Kelley, Ph.D., J.D

Vice Chair, Africa Energy Counselors, PLLC

John F. Kelly, Ph.D. has joined Africa Energy Counselors, PLLC. Army Reserve Ambassador John F. Kelly is aretired Visiting Professor of Security Studies at the National Defense University, Fulbright Scholar, holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (international relations and diplomatic history) Juris Doctor, & diploma in military law. He is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court bar and all lesser courts. Mr. Kelly was elected to the Michigan State Senate serving four consecutive four-year terms. He is regarded as an expert in constitutional law and legislative procedure, counter-terrorism, and African security and development. He served as a Governor in the Michigan university system and culturally served as Vice Chair of the Michigan Film Advisory Board.

Tess Serranti

Managing Director, Africa Energy Counselors, PLLC (Not a member of the bar.)