Practice Areas

Africa Energy

Operating as Africa Energy Counselors, PLLC, the firm provides legal and consulting services to governments and energy companies in Sub-Sahara Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Namibia. 

Indian Law

McLellan Law Offices, PLLC provides legal services in all aspects of Native American law, from tribal gaming issues, to tribal land acquisition and civil rights.  We work hand in hand with the Native Nations Foundation and their legal center, focusing on issues of tribal sovereignty, land use and acquisition, and tribal treaty rights.

Richard McLellan has an extensive background in tribal gaming and sovereignty issues, working with tribes in Michigan to seek federal tribal recognition.  McLellan was also instrumental in developing Michigan’s gaming law. McLellan twice successfully defended Indian gaming compacts in the Michigan Supreme Court.

Campaign Finance & Election Law

McLellan Law Offices, PLLC provides expert legal counsel in all areas of campaign finance and election law.  We have extensive experience in campaign finance.  McLellan is also an expert in the lawful use of corporate funds for political purposes.

We also have experience in creating and maintaining all types of campaign committees, Section 501(c)(4) organizations and Section 527 organizations. The firm focuses on corporate and nonprofit involvement in political activities. McLellan argued before the U.S. Supreme Court in Austin v. Michigan Chamber, the case that was over turned  in the Citizens United decision.

Education & Charter School Law

McLellan Law Offices, PLLC has decades of experience in education policy, school finance and  and charter school law.  Richard McLellan helped draft, and defend in the Supreme Court, Michigan’s charter school law and has remained at the forefront of the “schools of choice” debate since its emergence in the early 90’s.

Administrative & Regulated Industries Law and Public Policy

McLellan Law Offices, PLLC is among the most respected firms in the state when it comes to maneuvering through state bureaucracy and the legislative process.  

Richard McLellan has been among the most influential people in Michigan when it comes to seeing a bill move from inception to law.  His breadth of knowledge and comprehension of the legislative process is second to none.  Garnering the utmost respect from both sides of the aisle, McLellan is able to work with all parties at every stage of the process in order to obtain the best possible results for his clients.

Whether it’s drafting brand new legislation or seeking to change existing law, no other firm brings the caliber of talent and experience to the table as McLellan Law Offices.